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Demons - Underlord by bleazy02
Demons - Underlord
Underlords are great demonic rulers of the hellish pits. While they are not needlessly cruel they are far darker and much more merciless than most other demons. They are skilled strategists and over see large scale invasions with angry eyes and vengeful hearts.
Demons - Baphomet by bleazy02
Demons - Baphomet
These goat horned fiends are viscious and cruel beyond what most demons can be. They serve their rulers without end and are skilled in the secret arts. I would say it's one of the best I've done yet.
Demons - Malice Trooper by bleazy02
Demons - Malice Trooper
Malice Troopers serve as shock forces for the legions of hell, and act as the primary fighting force for various overlords. Another of my favorites, and one of the first in this batch.
Demons - Erebus by bleazy02
Demons - Erebus
My favorite of the many demons I draw, Erebus Demons are hellish warriors who love the thrill of slaughter and torment. Do not get over science-y about the four wings, it's not supposed to be logical.
The Dream Comes And Goes Like The Day And night
You Feel The Vision Before You See It
It May Come As A Beautiful One
Glistening, Shining Light In The Slumber
A Rest Well Deserved
But It May Also Come As A Maer
Frought With Terror And Shock
Soon You Wake In The Dark Not Yet Knowing The Pain Is Over
or Maybe It Will Be Lucid
Maybe It Will Be Your Choice What Dream You Have
I can Only Hope You Are Prepared
For Dreams May Be Far More Rewarding Than Life
But They Are Far More Terrible Than Death


John Ednerland
United States

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P.S. why do you want to kill me whenever im online?
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