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To anyone listening, doubtful anyone is, I shall be entering a piece of my work into the Scholastic Art and Writing competition! I believe this will be one of my best works yet. I definitely hope so, it will be one of my only chances to get into the Art Institute of Portland next August. The piece will be a picture of my character, Rune, from the novel I'm writing of the same name. It employs a lot of detail, including cherry blossoms and rippled reflections in water. I haven't done many landscape picture in my life, mostly only portraits and they haven't been very popular. But no matter how well my art comes out I am definitely going to submit it. Maybe I'll submit my Zarroxxxuse page as well, my second best piece. Even if my art doesn't win I'll also enter the writing portion, and mayhap I will achieve greatness there. I am the best writer in my school, everyone else thinks so. Wish me luck all to whomever is watching me, and pray that I succeed!
Can you feel it?
It runs through your veins like venom
A burning sensation throughout all limbs
It is painful but not in your body
Your head aches and splits
Like a rock against the pick
Burning fire, red glare, crimson glow lighting your face
Veins protruding, squirming like purple worms beneath fleshy soil
A drop of sweet sweat rolls down your face
Cold enough to burn
Fists clenched, arms shaking, muscles throbbing
Great greasy stones for the wailing
You hold back, too sick to move
Teeth bar like rabid animals
Grating, Gnawing, Gnashing
A growl and then a roar
Ripping your throat apart so loud
Eyes glow with hatred, like the fires of hell creeping up
There is no soul in those eyes, only frenzy
You can't even think, your mind is clouded
A haze, cloud, fog of rage
You have become an animal
Howl, growl, bellow, stomp
Act on impulse
Destroy, destroy, destroy
Tongue twists, lips curl, hungry for vengeance
Taste its bitterness and spit
But then keep eating, you can't help but love it
Red blood dripping from your cheeks
You've gone and bitten your tongue now
Your even more sick than before
Pain is numb, you don't have time to flinch
Your hair is being pulled from the roots
It's your own hands doing it
Stop it, cool down
Before you do something you'll regret
Breathe, inhale-exhale
Lungs filling with enough cold air
Cold air, putting out the fire within
Your face is pale
Like ashes after the crimson red burned away
A sting in your mouth
Sensation returns, you can think again
Dizzy now, you've come down from your drunk
Your drug is wearing off
The drug of anger
At least the hangover feels better than real drugs
Sweet sweat is cooling, turning to steam alongside your worries
Blowing off that steam
Straighten your jacket, fix your hair
Look around the room, at all the petrified faces
That is fear, you are feared
It felt good to scream, to rip, to claw at something
But now it feels even better
Now that your calm, and now that people fear you
You won't have to do that again for a while
Sour stinging, foreign and sudden
Your tears do not lie
Pepper spray
You got a little carried away
Demons - Underlord by bleazy02
Demons - Underlord
Underlords are great demonic rulers of the hellish pits. While they are not needlessly cruel they are far darker and much more merciless than most other demons. They are skilled strategists and over see large scale invasions with angry eyes and vengeful hearts.


John Ednerland
United States

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